Marketing Intern

$500 - $700 monthly
  • Kairos Digital
  • 25 North Market Street, Jacksonville, FL, USA
  • Feb 26, 2020
Internship (paid) Marketing

Job Description

Kairos Digital leverages digital marketing to help the good guys win. A lot of great companies struggle to attract new customers, but we believe that if you have good products or services, you should be growing. So we use smart digital marketing to help good companies make more money - because when they do, they are able to do more good. 

We are a young company with an opening for an internship to jump in and see every aspect of how a marketing agency works and to gain skills that will make you more marketable after graduation. Our internship is unpaid, though we do provide a small stipend to help offset costs associated with taking the internship. 

Marketing Interns will be responsible for upholding our four core values in all the work they do: 

1. Honesty
This means that integrity and transparency are always our highest goal. Nothing is allowed to compromise it. If you apply for this job, we want to know that you have thoroughly read each of these values and didn't just skim them, so when you apply, please include whether you are team marvel or team dc or neither in the p.s. section of your application. Applicants who do not include this will be assumed to have not actually read the values section of this job posting, which is a big deal to us.

2. Service
Being others-focused impacts how we make strategy recommendations, talk to clients about our services, decide what clients to work with, and what staff we build and retain.

3. Intelligence
We have to be smart. Relying on lazy tactics or acceptable minimums is not okay. If we are not growing in the caliber of our ideas, we are dying.

4. Accomplishment
This is often a client’s 1st goal, but it is our 4th. We will only accomplish this if we are true to the first three. When the first three are taken care of, accomplishing campaign goals becomes the next highest goal.

Ongoing tasks may include: 

  • Managing social media accounts 
  • Coordinating content with writers
  • Building email blasts for clients 
  • Responding to reviews for clients
  • Participating in strategy sessions 
  • Watching video trainings on marketing 
  • Researching clients/tactics 
  • Some digital ad management (with training)
  • Some content writing for emails/social media calendars. 

This internship will never include: 

  • Cold calling 
  • Sales of any kind 

If you are interested in applying for this internship then apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to