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Elevate Experiences

This passion for creating remarkable experiences stems from our Founder and President, Billy Boughey. In August 2000, we began serving local, Atlanta-based organizations through event hosting and live production. Billy quickly saw how intentional environments and engaging content could help people flourish. Rather than keeping ideas in the clouds, he chose to get into the dirt and create environments that cause people’s hearts to come alive.

Elevate was officially born February 8, 2012, with a mission to create environments that bring increased team member engagement and cause customers to rave about your brand. Our focus at the time was to positively impact team members and customers through engaging events. Creating opportunities for team members to smile as they develop and grow within a positive work culture was what we looked for each day, and more and more we were asked to create engaging environments for people to learn and experience our clients’ brands.

Today, we’re thankful to serve over 250 clients locally, nationally, and globally. Our team of hosts, emcees, creatives, videographers, writers, and event planners has grown, as has our ability to deliver remarkable events that tell a brand story for our clients. We wake up each morning and think about how we can use positive experiences to create an impact.

At the request of clients, we have added new services like leadership training, workshop-style consulting, teambuilding activations, innovative technology, and other brand experience offerings. These offerings create opportunities for our clients to deliver their brand the way that will best move their customers, team members, and organizational culture forward.