Roam - Work, Meet, Office

Roam is the innovator's workplace, a meeting and gathering experience for the new workforce. We are dedicated to people on the move who need a better way to connect with others, work productively and grow their business. In response, we have created the most comprehensive off-site work and meeting center available anywhere.

Here's what you'll find at Roam:

• A wide range of high-tech private meeting rooms

• Cafe drinks and food to accompany your work & meeting experience

• Valuable community and learning events

• Affordable membership for individuals and groups


Dec 06, 2021
Full time Entry Level
Roam - Work, Meet, Office Atlanta, GA, USA
Roam Community Manager   Roam Career page The purpose of the Community Manager (CM) is to serve as an agent and helper for the Roam community, providing the first and final levels of Roam’s hospitality experience for our members and guests. Combining exceptional work ethic with interpersonal savvy, time management, and priority setting, the CM acts as an anchor for his/her team. While previous sales experience is not expected or required, the CM should be motivated to assist in the revenue growth of our core offerings (membership, offices and meetings) in an "everybody sells" team environment. More than anything, the CM is socially aware and emotionally intelligent - anticipating needs, building relationships, and creating memorable and personalized experiences for clients and team members alike. The CM role is one-of-a-kind. He/she loves creating order out of chaos and thrives in busy, high-energy, customer-facing environments. No task is too small, and no problem is too...