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Applegate Insulation

The mission of the Applegate Companies is to pursue the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” with creativity and profitability in the realm in which we work. To do so fulfills God’s original calling to man – that of engaging in productive labor, and satisfies the Great Commandment to “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” All ventures with vendors and customers, in researching, manufacturing and selling products flow from our commitment to obey this command of Jesus in an attitude of submissive stewardship. Therefore, our mission centers on pursuing value creation opportunities for our company and employees, for our vendors and customers; by all just and lawful means, to procure, preserve and further the wealth and position, property and status of others, as well as our own, to the end of bringing glory to Christ the King as we co-labor with Him in the redemptive endeavor of subduing the earth.