Kairos Digital

A lot of business owners are hesitant to work with marketing agencies for fear of wasting time and money. So we created an agile, smart agency based on honesty, transparency, and philanthropy so businesses can grow with agency partners they can trust.

We believe businesses can have a monumental impact on customers, employees, and the community, and we believe it’s our job to help them do that.

Kairos Digital specializes in digital marketing for lead generation for companies who want to grow in their market share and impact.  

$500 - $700 monthly
Kairos Digital 25 North Market Street, Jacksonville, FL, USA
Feb 26, 2020
Internship (paid)
Kairos Digital leverages digital marketing to help the good guys win. A lot of great companies struggle to attract new customers, but we believe that if you have good products or services, you should be growing. So we use smart digital marketing to help good companies make more money - because when they do, they are able to do more good.  We are a young company with an opening for an internship to jump in and see every aspect of how a marketing agency works and to gain skills that will make you more marketable after graduation. Our internship is unpaid, though we do provide a small stipend to help offset costs associated with taking the internship.  Marketing Interns will be responsible for upholding our four core values in all the work they do:  1. Honesty This means that integrity and transparency are always our highest goal. Nothing is allowed to compromise it. If you apply for this job, we want to know that you have thoroughly read each of these values and didn't just...