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Social Media Internship Job Description Template

Social Media Internship Job Description Template

Social Media Intern Job Description

Updated: 5/1/2019

At CoPassion we believe we can minister to the next generation by hiring for a higher purpose. We have a simple three step process: pray, prepare and place. We need the right heart for ministry, the right work to be done and best practices to hire the right talent. Taking the time with your team to write a clear and concise job description i.e. "prepare" is a critical step to attract the right talent. Use the social media internship description sample below as a template. After customizing the template to fit your company, post the position on to start attracting value-centered talent.

Internship job descriptions should include location, responsibilities, requirements and qualifications, benefits of the internship, schedule and duration, and any additional information about application procedures. Thankfully our system makes this easy to do. Remember internships must be paid unless for a not-for-profit or for school credit.


Internship Description

Describe what the internship can do for the candidate and how it helps your organization accomplish current goals and targets.

Describe what skills the candidate will need to have to accomplish the internship or project.


Make this clear and concise. We recommend making internships into 90 day windows to complete a project over a semester or summer. Or make a defined one year program.

  • Website redesign
  • Post content blogs, forums, and social networks
  • Organic and paid advertising Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more
  • Optimize website and social media
  • Perform keyword analysis
  • Perform cost/benefit analysis


  • Marketing/Business or Communications major
  • 2 years of practical experience with Internet and social media platforms
  • Solid understanding of youth markets
  • Energetic and creative
  • Hard-working and team-oriented


  • Real world experience
  • Create evidence of skills obtained in college
  • Build resume
  • Work with a great team
  • Mentoring within company
  • Training opportunities
  • Flexible schedule for classes and exams

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