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CoPassion cofounders and C12 Members Ray and Melissa Strickland illustrate the marketplace opportunity to minister to the next generation.
How to Be Confident You Are Worth More Than Your Work Samantha Barnes  6 Minute Read   How would you react if I told you your employee performance review was emailed to your friends and family? Would you be glad, knowing they’d be impressed? Or would you freak out and worry that they’d never look at you the same way again? Your response is one indicator of how much your work determines your sense of self-worth. Let’s dig deeper with a true or false test: Whenever you struggle with your work, you see yourself as a failure. You can’t turn off your “work brain” when you leave at the end of the day. You always need to do “just one more thing” before you can rest. Praise from work colleagues or superiors gives you a rush that feels unhealthy. How did you do? Work is a good thing. It contributes to our sense of purpose and personal growth. But your work should never define you, and if you answered true to most or all of the above statements, maybe it’s time to reconsider the role work plays in your life. You are more than what you do for a job each day. You are a person with a story, relationships, experiences, passions and so much more to share with the world. Read the Full Blog Post Here
The Word Hand illustration is a simple way to break down five methods of taking in God’s Word: hearing, reading, studying, memorizing, and meditating. Diagram and supporting verses are included in this easy communication tool. As a “lamp unto [our] feet and a light unto [our] path ( Psalm 119:105 ), the Word of God is more than simply a set of guidelines or recommendations. It gives us the foundation for how we live, move, and shape every aspect of our lives (see  2 Timothy 3:15-17 ). The Word Hand illustration is a simple way to break down five methods of taking in God’s Word. Share this Navigator Discipleship Tool Download a print friendly PDF of the Word Hand to pass along. Navigator Discipleship Tools are designed for sharing with your Bible study, church group, and those you are discipling. DOWNLOAD Read the Full Resource Here
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