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Mentoring an intern is an incredibly rewarding endeavor, but we know it comes with its own set of challenges. There are a lot of things to think about as you're going through the process. Whether you're a mentor-newbie, or have been around the block a few times, these practical tips will help you identify your goals and navigate a more meaningful experience with your intern.  #1 Soul Care Resist the temptation to separate...
Though it doesn’t come right out and label them, the Bible is full of examples of mentorship. Of course there are the stories of Elijah and Elisha, Moses and Joshua, and Paul and Timothy; in each case the elder bringing the younger under his wing. An apprenticeship, of sorts. The elder teaching and guiding, and the younger eventually growing into the role modeled by his teacher. Elisha becomes one of Israel's greatest prophets,...
Her voice is clear and direct; the laser-sharp focus that has propelled her over the years shows through as she recites the story of how Foster Closet came to be. How the Lord shaped and directed her journey. A series of obedient yeses to each new stepping stone He placed on her heart.  FC Shopping Center Mercedes Benze volunteers organizing the car seat section Just over a decade ago, with two preteens of her own, the...
Six weeks ago we thought we’d hunker down for a couple weeks, confident we could suffer a few lost days and dollars for the good of the cause. We vowed to flatten the curve, and stay home for our grandparents sake.  Two weeks turned into three, into four. As the winds have changed and the earth comes into bloom, the impact of this pandemic has us scrambling for a new game plan. Step one: survive today. Step two: reformulate...
Here’s a reliable way to deal with the anxiety, stress of the Coronavirus or any worry, and live with greater peace… By Marilyn Adamson   For many, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has escalated to an alarming concern. The outbreak continues to add new countries, new deaths to its list. However, you might feel anxiety over some other threat. Daily we are confronted with all sorts of reasons to feel stressed. The...
What happens when desires go unfulfilled? Morgan has had the desire to get married since college. Rather than stay distant from God in her wanting, though, she stepped into leadership within the young adult ministry at her church. This real-life story was originally featured in the series Teach Us to Want with Jen Pollock Michel. Sign up for our CoPassion Channel at Rightnow Media
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